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Default Re: Camelot interview with Dane Tops

I would like to direct folks to the website: which is owned by Stephanie and Michael Relfe. Stephanie and Michael have two things which may interest you all. 1) Kinesiology / clearing based on Dianetics. Background is given on the differences between original Dianetics and revised books after the death of L.Ron Hubbard. 2) Suggested reading of the free e-books "The Mars Records" (Michael's story) and "The Mars Force"(Pats story). Michael Relfe goes through clearings with Stephanie as the practitioner. It is a lot of pages but very easy to read through. Gives an exact idea of how clearing works by recording the details of each session. The questions and answers that are spoken.
There is much more regarding Aliens and the like on the site, as well.
She also has an article regarding James Casbolt (09/14/08) posted and Duncan O'Finioan (05/16/07)posted, SuperSoldiers.

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