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Default Re: Camelot interview with Dane Tops

Hello Peter,

Yes, I also took a PEAT course which is a bit more sophisticated than EFT, however, EFT is worth becoming an expert in. As long as the person understands that once they start on a clearing path it is a bit like opening a Pandora's box and requires some commitment to a known (and sometimes unknown) end. Also, as a general rule, people cannot initially clear themselves doing it solo, and it is smart to align oneself with a committed group or a trained practitioner.

My first step is to become an expert in R3X before I jump around and start, well, you know, squirreling

Soberly, though, any technology can be improved upon and I would be a fool to say I have the last word in clearing technologies. What is very real to me though is that if I had of had R3x anywheres on my spiritual history and used it correctly, there would be a lot less baggage to handle today :-)

It took me a little less than one year of dedicated (3 times a week sessions) clearing work to reach "Clear". That probably would have been unheard of in any previous time in earth history with the usual spiritual practices.

Using Buddha's frame of reference, I removed myself from having to enter again into the "Stream of Life", but at current state would be doing at least one more lifetime, but it will be a very uptone and more responsible lifetime, not full of self-imposed heavy karmic debt.
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