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Default Re: Camelot interview with Dane Tops

Hello JustPeter,

Just went "Clear" in the Freezone September '09. No prior auditing. Since I did not have anyone to compare myself with I went reading the ancient Pali Buddhist descriptions of some states and abilities they recognized. Some of these indicated to me.

The best way I can describe how it felt to me was that I felt like an old diesel engine that had suddenly been converted to a Ferrari engine. Like an angel on steroids -- couldn't move this 56 year old body fast enough for me :-) Eventually got used to that and am still reaching higher and higher states of stability and awareness and, best of all, simply divesting myself of compulsive attachments. Underneath it all I am very simple, and much wiser than before.

Buddha talked about those who only needed to return a few life cycles and those he called non-returners, etc. Of course one must take in account the being's preferences. I think Buddha would agree that a Clear, is a Clear, is a Clear...and beyond of course. Now I have attention of clearing myself in an ever-widening sphere of influence.

Of course, some abilities regained along the way and would require some drilling to hone my skills in regard to said abilities.

This is my first absolutey AWESOME lifetime in EONS, and I am sure if people knew why Gautamo kept reaching out to people after he attained his state....your guess is as good as mine

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