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Default Re: Camelot interview with Dane Tops

I joined the Church of Scientology just after the mass exodus in the 1980s but I didn't know about the Dane Tops letter until I saw it on Camelot a while ago.

Anyway, I was in Scientology for about 16 years in total. I got to Clear in the 80s then did the "secret" OT levels and reached OT5. I was also a Class 5 Graduate auditor and case supervisor. In fact I enjoyed training so much I also did a huge number of admin courses. Those who were in Scientology will know that all of the Hubbard Policy is held in the "green volumes" known as the Organization Executive Course. Well I studied the whole course - all of the green volumes - twice and completed an internship which involved working at every post in a Scientology organization. So, even though I never joined staff I was qualified to hold any and every post in Scientology. In fact I knew so much that I was eventually Declared (ex-communicated) for telling senior executives that they were "squirrelling" - a Scientology term for illegally altering Scientology tech.

So, having recently joined this forum I can put myself forward as another person who can answer questions about Scientology.

By the way, a little-known fact is that the "State of Clear" as described in the first Dianetics book isn't correct. Hubbard later amended this in a small book entitled "The Book Of Case Remedies". In this he basically says that the state of Clear mentioned in Dianetics was really a much higher state. In other words, the actual state of Clear is less than that mentioned in Dianetics. This makes much more sense because I haven't met a person yet, Clear or OT, who has anything near the abilities mentioned in Dianetics.

Hope this helps.

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