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Default Re: Lifetime Inductee, my on giong story

WOW! Was this ever incredible! I now know how we are transported by Greys from home/bed to craft! The processes in which they use are incredible! I think it is the same processes in which they can "Ghost Walk" through solid objects.

At about 5:30 am Saturday 23rd 2010 I went to bed. I figured now one will come for me since it was late and I might be getting a cold. In fact while laying in for the first minute I told them that they may not want to come for me since I may be getting a cold. Then I said "Well, it might not matter since you are probably immune to all of our diseases anyway." So I closed my eyes and was trying to fall asleep and I began to see their faces in my mind again. This doesn't happen all the time but pretty often. I don't know why this happens. Some times I see their eyes and others I'll see their faces but as an outline sorta, while others its full color. I don't know why this happens.... Anyway I saw a Grey's face, a Tall Grey's face but that one seemed to be a young person, and I saw a Mantis being's face. As I see each of them I always smile and say "hello". But when I saw the Mantis being I said "Ooooo a Mantis being! I have not met your kind as far as I know and remember. I would like to meet your magnificent race some time." I almost fell asleep when I hear a chirping, pulsating, buzzing noise near my closet. I felt a bit of fear go through my body, but I sat up to look. I didn't see a person but I did see the time/space distortion effect of (?)teleportation(?). I said a few times "Hello?" and had no response. I laid back down while this was going on and I sat up again, and again I said "Hello?" a few more times. During this time I felt such sleepiness coming over me and I fought it. I wanted to see the people or person. I fought as hard as I could but had to lay back down and the fear went away. I think I may have fallen asleep for a second or two but I woke right back up fighting for consciousness. The being was standing right next to me. I could feel the person there but my eyes wouldn't open. I then felt my entire body jolting and vibrating because supermassive amounts of electrogravitic energy was being pumped through me. To most this would be terrifying! Especially if they are paralyzed and are looking at the being doing it to them! I don't think I was paralyzed in the normal sense but I couldn't control my body since it was convulsing so badly due to the electrogravitic energy. I tried to scream out but I couldn't. This was not out of fear at all but the energy surging though me was just so massive and incredible that all I felt I knew to do was to scream. Then it stopped and I tried to catch my breath and smiled. I didn't move even though I knew that I could if I wanted to. They it started again. I don't know how to adequately describe how it feels. Its like being electrocuted but with out the pain. I have been hit by lightning twice so I know what electrocution feels like on a body wide scale. It's like every cell and every atom is being charged up in a very strange manner. You can almost feel each individual cell and atom in your body being vibrated so electrostatic gravitic energy overcome each of them. Anyway for the second time I was electrogravitically charged and electrocuted. I convulsed from the energy again and when it stopped, this time I floated up and hovered about 2 inches from my bed. This is absolutely incredible! You are 100% free-floating weightless but can still feel the effects of gravity on your body. You can feel the blood in your body move to the lowest point of your body when you are rolled over or stood up. My eyes were still closed at this point but I feel as though I floated higher towards the ceiling to maybe a few feet above my bed or a few feet away from the ceiling. I really am not sure! But I was fully consciousus through all of this and I was excited but in a meditative sort of trance at the same time. The being grabbeded my left fore arm with both hands and sat me up. I still had my eyes closed. At some point I was moved to the floor, hovering in a laying down position. I opened my eyes and saw the ceiling above me, my bed to the right of me, and my TV to the left of me. I was only hovering about an inch or two from the floor. I was then turned over facing the floor. I opened my eyes again and to no surprise saw the rug about an inch from my face. "I really do have to vacuum" I thought to myself. The next thing I remember is I saw turned around horizontally. I was still facing the floor floating there but my head was pointing to the back of the room and I starded to move forward to my back wall. I got SO EXCITED because I knew I was about to feel what it was like to "ghost walk" through a solid object and be concious to remember it. I have been looking forward to this for a such long time!!!! We stopped moving. I could feel him disconnect from me for a short time. I said to him "I can move the chair and table for you." And I could feel the strange disagreements of conciousness between the physical and quantum physical minds. I could feel it..... It was sooooo strange. It was almost like a good spirited, amusing, banter, argument between the understandings of physics. But it was felt and not spoken....... It was sooooo weird. Anyway, I was still facing the floor and could see a wheel on the foot of my chair about 2 or 3 inches away from the right side of my face. He then reconnected to me and pivoted me up, backwards so I was in a standing position but leaning backwards at about a 75* to 60* angle I think. Its sorta like using a dolly to move heavy boxes or objects. When this happend I moved my right arm and hand behind me and around his back to stady myself as if I was being effected by gravity but I really wasn't. This was more instinctual. I gently grabbed what I thought would be his back but it was his rump instead. I immediatly apologized and moved my hand up to his lower back. I thought that this was a Grey so I was compenstaing for the height difference but I was wrong about the height. This resulted in me grabbing his rump. The skin felt like a 100% biological Grey's though. Warm, very smooth, and almost rubbery like. But this person was about my height so it was not a standard Grey. It wasn't a Tall grey either. A Tall Grey's skin feel a bit dry and rough. The next thing I remember was floating down to my bed. The time difference felt like only a few seconds passed. It made me question if I even went anywhere with the person. I thought that maybe this trip was aborted for some reason. But the thing is my memory is wiped pretty well, so perhaps I did go somewhere with them..... I'm not sure at all. I can tell you this though. The whole thing was very exciting! I kept saying in my mind over and over again "please let me remember this" and/or "I want to remember this". I was so excited the whole time but held in a deep meditateive trance as well. This doesn't seem like much but it was incredable! Sadly I don't remember "ghost walkng" throuh a solid object. This whole thing was fantastic anyway!
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