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Default Re: Lifetime Inductee, my on giong story

Originally Posted by Jnana View Post
Do you know why the interbreeding is going on? Given our (probably incorrect) understanding of what a species is, it seems odd that this is even possible. How closely related are we to these other beings? Also, why are human children being adopted on other planets? I understand you do not have all the answers, but if you have been told some of these things, inquiring minds want to know...
Specie interbreeding.....
I am under the impression that many species that reach a certain point in evolution are genetically upgraded. I have heard that this genetic manipulation is how many species have come about in the universe. Some of the original species in the universe started this process. They tought other when they evolved enough, and those tought more and so on..... In light on these ideas, it may be able to be concluded that inter-specie breeding is part of this process. I do happen to know that the Paiedian People (Nordic, Annunaki) are only a very few chromocomes different than us. Genetically they are human, but they have a more advanced immune system. These people, as far as the genetics are concerned, are very closely related to the Chinese oddly enough. Ya, even though they clearly do not look like it. There are actually 4 Chinese women on Earth that share almost 100% of the genetics of a Plaiedian woman's who's hair was tested. If I remember correctly, there is a difference of like 2-4 genes between these 4 Chinese women and this Plaiedian and thats it. These 4 Chinese women are all related... 2 children, a mother, and a grandmother. Weird huh?

Article is way down near the bottom:

Here is another:

Specie interbreeding can be possible if the genetics are close enough. Also there are things that we need to consider that we don't understand. I would say that it may be possible for some species to spontainiously change their genetics with a thought. If some species can "ghost walk" through walls, than why would stop them from changeing their genetics at a whim? The "ghost walk" thing I may have an understanding of how this can be done but the difficulty for a human to do this is unreal. If anyone here knows about quantum physics and the collapse of a wave function, just reverse the preocess.... The solid state particle turning into a wave function. What this means is this. Some species can take them selves apart at the atomic level, turn the atoms and subatomic particles into the direct relation energy equivalence (wave function), move through a wall, than recoallese from enegery form into solid state matter. This is just my theory about "ghost walking" anyway..... I just figured that out a few days ago...... Or maybe they do it to the wall instead of themselves.....? Meh! Anyway, my point is this.... If they can do that, they could be able to alter their genetics by thought alone.

I do not see this as something as being unusual. I'm not saying that this is a sort of thing that would happen everey day. It just doesn't seem odd to me. Maye it because of getting to know the species that I have met. All species I have met demonstraighted kindness, love, respect, treatment as an equal, conscern for my well being, patience, and more. So it seems that adoption wouldn't be outside the bounds of possability.

This is a picture of a sculpture:

I believe this to be a sculpture of a crash victim in 1954 or 1952. When I first saw this picture I statred to cry horribly. I couldn't explain my reaction. After looking at it a few more time I had a weird vision. Always having tears in my eyes, and even now I do. Anyway the vision was of seeing this little guy dieing on the ground. I ran up to him slid my legs under him and held him to me. I cried begging for help to come. Begging for a craft of their people to come and help him. I do know that he wasn't affraid of me and knew what I was doing. I held him to my chest and kissed him on the head. He died in my arms. I have absolutely no explaination for this at all but I can feel it deep in my heart. I also have the feeling of possibly knowing him or knowing some one who looks just like him. I have no explaination for this at all. It makes no sense at all but the feeling is real. That all I know.
My point is this..... Love and compassion can be had between species of people. This happens every day on Earth between the different races of humans. Could it not be the same between humans and extraterrestrials? There have been humans who have freed ET's from captivity or rescued crash vistims.
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