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Default Re: Lifetime Inductee, my on giong story

Originally Posted by zaina View Post
very interesting ,please tell us more about earth and why is it the way it is
what happened for it to get like this
if you know anything on the annunaki etc ,
fascinating stuff ,thank you ,
I have met the tall greys ,have to say when I was taken it didnt it was an organised fashioned ,they zapped me with there index finger which was like an electric shock and I forgot the
whole scene ,
please speak out , namaste
The history of humans on Earth.....
It was not always like it is today. To some degree yes it was but in other respects thing were very different. What I am about to say my be difficult for some people to read. Some may not like it at all but I have found the following to be fact by doing research and everyone can do the same. I will be touching upon religion at the bottom this section. So if you are easily hurt by people contesting religion, please skip this section. I state facts but I DO NOT want to hurt people at all, so skip this section if you are sensitive to the subject of religion. You will recieve a final warnign just before I cover religion. I do not wish to insult or hurt people so please be warned and skip that section if you need to.
Much of the horror and corruption is due to greed and the lust for power and control. This lust for power, control and greed echos through out human history since the beginning. This is displayed in many different ways. The two biggest in present day is government and religion. These 2 institutions and all related to them are abundant in horror, corruption, and unending lies. I could go on extensively on both. Control and lies have even spread into science and human history. The reasons varry but control is ever present as a leading reason. If the human race knew the facts and truth about science and technology the global human race would revolt against all global governments and a global civil war would irrupt. Not against countries, not against people with different skin colors, not for land, not for oil, but it would be war against government. All governments on the planet. The simple fact of humans do not ever need to be sick with any disease ever. Things like cancer and AIDS have multiple cures. The power and energy problems of the entire planet can be repaired planet wide in less than a year. All forms of polution could end. Starvation and malnourishment could end. All people on the planet could have the best of education for free. These and many other can easily be propblems of the past over night or with in one year. But people who can think for themselves are a HUGE threat to all government and religion structures. People could sit at their kitchen tables, figure out how they are being screwed over by government and come to how it all can be fixed. Ignorant people are much easier to control than well educated people. Global govenments keep the human race just smart enough to run the machines and do the paper work but stupid enough to not see how they are being controlled.
The same goes for human history. We are not tought the facts and truth about our own history as a specie. Most ancient human cultures were more advanced than we are today in many aspects. It is a fact that sergeons use surgical tools that are thousands of years old simply because the precision of these instruments are FAR SUPERIOR to what we have today. Many ancient structures simply can not be built today because of how advanced the human race used to be. The Mayans calculated major celestial events down to the minute. Most consider the Mayans to be heathens and savages but our calendar is based off of theirs. But we still do not use their calendar 100% even though it is far more exact than ours. The Mayans predicted that planet Earth will be at precise fireing range of the galactic wave in 2012, December 21 at precisely 11:11am eastern standard time. Scientists today can't do that. We are not taught true human history for these and many other reasons. Another leading reason is that we are not allowed to know that trans-oceanic travel was possible before everyone's favorite idiot Cristopher Columbus. When people accept that trans-oceanic travel was done thousands of years BEFORE Columbus, it would change people's preceptions of history, and people would figure out that they have been lied to even with human history. The earliest known group of people to SAIL HERE IN BOATS was the Cloveis poeple 15,000 to 20,000 years ago. There were many others. In 1408 the Chinese fully mapped out the entire planet including Antarctica. The Vikings came here 500 years before Columbus. The Phonecians were here thousands of years before Columbus. An unknown group of people living on Antarctica for 2,000 years 6,000 to 8,000 years ago mapped out parts of North America up to Canada. The earliest know people to inhabit North America was an unknown group of people living in South Carolina. Christopher Columbus "discovered" America? Ya right!! Columbus can bite my butt!!! Also if humans were to find out the facts of almost every ancient human culture had extensive contact with etraterrestrials, it would change every thing. And then humans would find out that humans were created by etraterrestrials by genetically manipulating and using a native indigionous specie of Earth. This knowledge would destroy all religions. The entire planet would drastically change for the better if we were allowed to know real, true, and factual history. The owners of this planet DO NOT want that. There is even a government institution that has the specific job of covering up and destroying history. This government institution is called The Smithsonian. Yup as in the museums! These people are guilty of takeing priceless artifacts that DO NOT fit in with popularly accepted history (as dictated by the church and government) and dumping these artifacts into the Atlantic Ocean by the boay loads. I call that a crime against humanity past, present, and future!!! That is one of the most horrific crimes immaginable!! I can not convey the absolute rage that it stirs within me! Such corruption, such vileness can NEVER be forgiven! That IS the embodiement of evil at it's core!
Religion is nothing but a control mechanism. People can easily lead a good, positive life absent religion but still have the greatness and wonders of spirituality. All they need to do is listen to their hearts, conscience, trust within themselves, and look to the splendors of the world and beyond. In religion, mass murderers are made into saints because they killed in the name of "God". Killing innocent people of all ages, sexes, skin colors, and national origins. This is no more aparent than "Saint" Patrick. This "Saint" senselessly sloughtered his own family, kinsmen, townsfolk, and countrymen because they practiced the old Celtic religions and were not of the flock of Jesus. The term "Snake" was a derogatory term for the Celtic people who were not Christian or Catholic. So those who celebrate "Saint" Patrick's Day, celebrate the slaughter of their own family lineage and ancestors. Thats sick! But we are not tought the truth. Not many know this fact thanks to religion. I have a list of 60+ Sun Gods who have died on a cross, were dead for 3 days, resurected, walked on water, commited miracles, had 12 followers or deciples, raised the dead, star in the East, the 3 kings, healed the sick, and so on. Jesus is only the most recent to have these characteristics. But if you were to ask a priest how this is, you are told that the devil made these similarites to confuse you and test your faith. Thats disturbing beyond belief! This is the same lame excuse for dinosaur fossiles. The devil himself put them in the ground. Rediculous! And the great flood..... WOW! What a crock! I mathematically disproved that a few years ago. My findings were that the Ark could fit only 4 and a half African Savana Elephants. But to carry just one, not 2-7 pairs of ever animal on Earth was astounding. For 7 months and 17 days, one single pair of all animals, 3 decks, and containment, and food/water, the true ship would have had to be 319, 277 times the equatorial circumferance of the Sun. Thats a big boat, thats a big load of lies spoon fed to us, and that is an enormous amount of poop! Religion teachs some good fantasy stories and some good moral lessons. But it should never be taken at face value and as fact. Religion and sprituality are VERY different. Spirituality is a fine thing but organized religion is a horror beyond reconing. Its a disease on this planet that needs to be cured permanently. This "God" person himself is a hateful being. I'm sure many people have seen such horrific statments such as "God hates America" "God hates blacks" God hates gay people" God hates this, God hates that, God hates you, God hates me, God hates all dogs named Spot! I am so sickened by such hateful statements. For being a loving guy, he sure hates a whole lot of things. I have found that this "God" person really loves just one thing.... MONEY! "God" loves you but he won't hesitate to throw your butt in Hell for eating a slice of bacon. That is truly weird! The leading cause of death on the planet for the past few thousand years has been God. People take turns killing each other just because "God" says its a good idea. Thats disgusting! Savage! Heathenistic! In this day and age a woman can EAT her 6 week old infant ALIVE and say "The devil made me do it" and people will actually believe her and feel bad for her. That is so horrific that there are just no words at all. This is the type of thing that religion had done to the human race. It's sick! Religion keeps the common people fighting amoungst themselves while the rich and powerful become richer and even more powerful. Now that is an astounging amount of control! It is a fairly simple process and it happens to work very well! I am 100% convinced that the human race would be at least 1,000 years more advanced than we are now if Catholicism and Christianity and/or anything like them never existed! Earth would be a loving and peaceful place. That is very upsetting indeed!
I personally see ALL DIVINE BEINGS as beautiful and wonderous! My personal favorites are "The Source Of All", "The Creator", and "The Great Mystery". Each of these are sexless and formless. Each of these are Native American divine beings. It is up to you or up to this divine being what form it takes. No names to fight over, no reason to kill each other, no pagentry, and we don't all gather in a building to compare clothing once a week. These divine beings just exists and thats that. What they ask is pure and simple.... Do what ever you want but harm nothing and no one, this includes all forms of life and the planet itself, and pop in and say "hi" once in a while. Thats all that they ask for really. To me this is wicked awesome. But I do love Norse divine beings, Ancient Egyptian, Sumarian, and a few others.... The Norse Valkyries absolutely rock!.


We are told lies in every aspect of life to keep the human race under control. All a person needs to do is the proper research and anyone will come to the same conclusions. The facts are well hidden from us but persaverence will give you the answers.

The Annunaki.....
I do not know a great deal about these people. I do know that the Ancient Sumerian people wrote all about them. One thing being that they, with a few other species of people, created the human race. I would one day like to meet an Annunaki person so that I may thank them for creating us. We were first created to be sort of a "slave race" so that we may harvest Earth's resources for them. It seems that we have been left to our own and no longer are slaves. But we are still watched very closely so that we do not destroy the planet. I would say that in a few areas we seem to be working together. Some times it seems that the Annunaki, the Pleiadians, and the Nordics are all the same people. Perhaps diffierent colonies? Or different names? Or both? Or maybe I am wrong?
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