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Default Re: Lifetime Inductee, my on giong story

Originally Posted by Jnana View Post
Welcome, and thanks for sharing your story! If there's more, please continue!

Also, if possible, could you say a little more about the following quote. In particular, why is the baby better off not being here on Earth?

I have had a lot of contact. I thought it would be best to try and keep it short. I didn't want to bore people with long drwan out stories. It took me a few days to come back and see if anyone replied, I was a little affraid. But this is something that I need to confront if I am to speak publicly about these things in the future. I have taken up some peoples offers to do so. So I need to get over this fear. I'm excited, humbled, and afraid to do so. But I need to get over all of that. I feel I may have some pieces to the over all puzzle. But on the other hand I may not and thats alright. I feel education about such things are of the utmost importance.

Over the past 2 or 3 months I have had memories surface from years ago.

~~12 years ago when I was about 21. All I remember about that was seeing at least a dozen Greys at the 3 windows and open door of the room I was sleeping in. All of them wrote on the glass of the windows and the door. They wrote in their own language. Unfortunately today I can't remember any of the symbols but back then I found some symbols very familiar. I can say this though. Written language of different countries down through time can have the exact same symbols. Interstellar written languages are no exception. If I remember correctly some symbols looked like some symbols from Ancient Egypt, Etruscan, Sumerian, Theban, and Sanscrit. Today I also can not remember if they did this with their fingers or with a tool.

~~I think about 20 years ago I remember standing in a barn. This barn had a twisted metallic wreckage and a huge hole in the roof. Back then I chalked it up to a wierd dream that didn't make sense at all.

~~9 or 10 years ago I found myself back in that same barn. The twisted wreckage was no longer there. In it's place was a fully intact craft hovering there. I remembered that years ago it used to be a wreckage but how was it now intact?
(what you will next read is in NO way any sort of bragging. When I remembered this and realized what infact went on.... it hit me like a freaking Mack Truck! It still floors me to think about. It is staggering and very humbleing! I can't even believe I'm about to write it......)
Anyway..... I climbed up some wooden beams of the barn and entered the craft. The craft was only about 12 to 15 feet long and in the shape of a somewhat flattened eye ball. It was silver or stainless steel in color. Inside the enterance room there were collapseable acordian stlye walls (?). These walls reminded me of circut boards because they had things that looked like electronic components. There were 4 of them each of a different color red, blue, gree, and yellow. I saw a doorway and walked in. I entered a tan colored circular room. In the center was what looked like a white garbage can. From this "garbage can" was what looked like large cables under the flooring, walls, and ceiling. I walked to the front of the craft into the cockpit and there was 2 seats. I sat down in the left one and looked all around trying to figure out what everything was. In front at the center of the computer system consols was a screen. At that point it read out the existing power cell. It looked to be at about 1/5. I then wondered what the next destination of the craft was. The screen read out then changed to it's next destination. The destination was leaving our star system and going to another that appeared to be close by (relatively). The craft had enough power to make the trip. Figureing out that the craft responds to thought, I asked it telepathically if the craft was strucurally sound enough to make the trip. The screen changed and gave the the repair staus of the craft. Over the past 10 years it repaired itself back to perfect health. I then asked it where the occupants were. There were none, it came here on its own under request. I wanted to return the craft to where it came from and to the people it belonged to. So I asked the craft to go to it's next destination. I put on the restraints and it slowed lifted up. I fell asleep. I awoke entering the atmosphere and I though we were still at Earth but at different time, perhaps in the future. There were buildings, different sizes and shapes of small craft, people walking around, and plants. I asked the craft to land in the park below. Once it landed I opened the top hatch and looked around. A woman with a baby in a stroller type of thing was walking by. She looked almost completely human with brown hair but her forehead was larger than ours and had horrizontal ridges going across it. I got her attention "Excuse me ma'am? Can you help me? I think my craft is malfunctioning and it needs help." She said with a smile as she pointed "Certainly, do you see that tall building? Ask it for help and a crane arm will pick you up." I thanked her and bid her a good day. I looked up to the building and asked it to help. A small silver sphere came down and (?)looked(?) at me and went back up. A few seconds later the huge crane arm was on it's way to me. I ducked back down into the craft as it took me up to the top of the building. Once there I poked my head back out of the top hatch and asked a man (the same specie as the woman) the same request as I did the woman. The man walked over to us and asked "Certalinly, what can I do for you?" I told him that I am not from here, this is not my craft and I wanted to return it here. I told him about all of the read outs that the craft showed me and that I figured this is where it was from. He said he would take a look and see what the problem was. After looking over the craft he told me that it was just running low on fuel cells and nothing was wrong with it. He then asked me if I knew how the reactor worked. I replied "Ummm, that cylindrical thing in the curcular room?" He said yes that's it. While I was standing there on top of the craft talking to the man a rodent looking person came over with the fuel cells and a reptilian person put it into a fuel hatch on the right side of the craft. Inside of the barrel that contained the fuel cells were frozen packages of a liquid lime green with metallic looking iridescence block. These frozen blocks of green stuff were floating around in a liquid state of the same substance. The Ridge Headed man told me that this was the fuel cells and 5 of them were loaded into the craft's fuel side hatch. I said "Ooooohh! It smells so good! Can I eat it?" (it smelled like a very sweet lemonade but made with lime instead, or some sort of lime morang pie) He said "Actually, yes you can! This has everything the body need, spiritually, metally, emotionally, as well as physically. All things no matter what it is made of reduces into this substance. The reactor can refine anything into this substance and use it as fuel." He gave me a little blob of this green stuff and I ate it. Oh my God did it ever taste AWESOME! It tasted just like it smelled but with a metallic taste mixed in. After this we went inside and he showed me how the reactor worked. He also brought some back up power cells. In the reactor room he told me again that this reactor can reduce anything into that green substance. He also said that when this substance was first discovered, the entire planet was cleansed of all litter, garbage, and pollution. It cured their entire planet's ecosystem and biosphere. In addition to this it revolutionized how the entire population, culture, and society opperated. This substance freed the whole planet from their old ways. I am to conclude that this discovery happened hundreds or thousands of years ago or longer. The planet has not seen any hard times in any way since that discovery. The populations of the all species there flourish and are very happy and healthy.
Disease became a thing of the past with that discovery. I then asked him how it is that the craft was restored. When I first saw it 10 years ago it was nothing more than a pile of scrap metal. But 10 years passed and it was fully restored. He told me that as long as the craft's core systems are functional, the carft can fix itself. It uses the green substance to do this as well. After telling me this history he said "You are not the only one of you kind that I have seen." I have adopted a human as my doughter. There she is." He pointed and about 150 feet away, there she was. She waved, smiled, and walked inside the building. Some time later he introduced me to he and we spoke a while and started to warm to each other. When the Ridged man and I were done inside the craft we went outside and I asked him how I could pay for what he has done for me. "I am from Earth and all I have is 6 dollars to give you." He said "payment is not necessary." I told him "Please take the craft then, it seems that it is from here. It doesn't belong to me and I wanted to return it to where it belongs." He said to me with a smile "But it likes you! And not many can figure out how to fly a Stinger." (Stinger is what this specific craft type is called). Like I said before I spoke with his doughter for a while, but I knew that I had to return to Earth. I really didn't want to. I could have stayed there for the rest of my life and be very happy there. But I did leave but instructed the craft to return on it's own back to that planet, plane of existance, or what ever it was.

Even though I am a life long contactee, I still say that this was most likely the most fantastic and realistic dream I have ever had. A friend of mine who used to work for MUFON in Arizona told me months ago that some humans are tought how to operate extraterrestrial technology. This is done both while awake and also in dream state. I am inclined to believe that this was a dream state training for me to both learn how to fly the Stinger and also to learn about the green liquid substance. About 4 months ago I was taken by some aquatic people and I was soaked in a very similar substance but it was blue. It smelled like sweet blueberries. It has very revitalizeing and healing properties. It is a bit sticky though when it dries. After being soaked in it I felt fantastic, better than I have in years! But still I didn't connect the 2. About 2 months ago I watched a video on youtube and this guy was talking about a similar substance. He said that this stuff can also be breathed in like breathing air. That is when I remembered all of the abouve. Back then I thought it was a dream, but now I'm not too sure. At most I'll say it was a dream state training. But what really floors me is I know how to fly the Stinger model craft. This is humbleing beyond belief! Its pretty easy though. The craft itself is telepathic and has a personality and conciousness of it's own. Its fairly easy to interface with the craft. About 5 to 8 years ago I heard that quantum physicists figured out some mathematical equasions for some psychic abilities. These equasions probably fit into the Laws of Entanglement, Superpositioning, and other such things. I would say that this is put to use and programmed into etraterrestrial craft giving them some sort of conciousness and telepathic abilities of their own.

I just looked back and reread what I wrote and it still astounds the ever living hell outta me. I suppose that it could be remotely possible that I did in fact fly this craft to another planet some where and it is not a dream state training. I was taken by an aquatic race 4 or 5 months ago as I stated earlier. An aquatic female took me to an underwater city. I'm guessing that I have been there before since it was familiar to me, as were some humans that I saw there, and a non-Earth animal too. I have not the faintest clue as to where this was. I don't know if they have an underwater city here or I was in fact on thier planet. To me, setting foot on another planet is something really huge! I don't know that I can say that I have actually done it. Its just mind bendingly huge! Possible? Ya.... it may be possible, but I can't say for certain, not at all.

~~Since I referred the being taken by an aquatic specie, perhaps I should speak of that. I was trying to fall asleep one night and my door was open by about 4 inches. I had a wierd feeling wave over me of a presence. I tilted my head and looked out the door. I saw a pair of large black eyes looking back at me. It was a Biomechanical Grey looking in at me with his blank stare and expressionless face. I said "Well would ya look at that! Its a Biomechanical Grey!" I fell asleep immediately after I said that. I do greatly regret that though. I didn't speak to him as if he was a person. I spoke as if he was a machine. I regret not extending my hand in friendship as I should have. That was very wrong of me. The next thing I remember was standing in the hallway faceing my room. The Biomechanical Grey was at my right and an Aquatic woman was at my left. She was holding my room mates' baby, Logan. I asked her to please not to take him again. Not with out the parents' permission. We were standing there waiting for their ship to pick us up. After that, the next thing I remember was an aquatic male giving me a ring to put on. He told me that this ring would enable me to breathe under water. The Aquatic woman left with Logan. I don't know where she went, but I knew that the 3 month old infant was in good hands. I felt her love for him radiating from her. Once I put the ring on, we swam down. As we went down further and further I began to see the underwater city. The buildings were almost like castles with high spires. We swam deeper to a stone square building. It found it odd that I didn't see any fish or other aquatic animals while swimming. We got to the stone square building and entered. The enterance room was filled with water so the pressure change was not such a shock. The water emtied out of the room and we could continue. For the first time I saw humans other than myself. I questioned the Aquatic male. "Humans! What are they doing here?" I can't remember exactly what his answer was. But as we passed by some humans talking to eachother in a large room with stairs in it I began to recognize them and this large room. I specifically remembered a lovely dark haired human. We have spoken before and telepathically she said that she wanted to speak to me again when I was done. The Aquatic male and I walked down this long hallway with a door at the end of it. The door opened on it's own and there was an older human man (about 65-70yrs old) there sitting in a chair with a rather strange looking animal on his lap. I also recognized this hallway, door, room, old man, and animal. In the doorway I got down to my knees and called to the animal. "Hello beautiful! Come here beatiful!" The animal jumped down from the old man and ran to me. It was all happy, wiggley, and it's tongue was hanging out of it's mouth. It ran up to me, tackled me, and licked my face while standing on my chest. This beast's fur was very similar to the colorings and markings of a red fox but it was alittle bigger. The head, muzzle, and teeth was more in the shape of a crocodile's though. The body was overall canine in build. The appearence of this beast tells me that the paths and chains of evolution are at least similar no matter where in the universe you go. Fish evolve into amphibians, amphibians into reptiles, and reptiles into mammels and birds. This beast was a mammal but it still had the evidence of a reptilian heritage in the shape of it's skull. It's breath even smelled like both that of a reptile's and that of a mammel's. After I said hello to the beast, I greeted the old man in the chair. I remember sitting next to him on the floor and we spoke for a while. I was later instrucked to lay down in a bed at the right side of the room near the corner. The beding was velvet soft and the covers were mainly dark blue. I became very comfortable very quickly. The bed soon turned into this dark blue and reflective iridescent metal like color liquid that smelled like blueberries. I relaxed and stayed in this liquid for a while. The next thing I know, I'm back home in my bed and I'm all stickey from head to toe. This aquatic specie of people are tall and slender. They have large circular and slightly bulgey eyes. The skin looked to have the texture and feel of a shark. The skin color was greyish with hints and shades of green and blue. Their fingers and toes are webbed naturally. If I remember correctly they had 3 fingers..... or maybe 4....? Of coarse they are excellent swimmer. I found it interesting that I swim almost exatly like they do, like aquatic mammals (dolphins, otters, seals, or whales).
(I figured that out at a young age, you're much more arodynamic and agile if you swim like and otter or dolphin. Thats just how I tought myself to swim, it feels much more natural too.)

What REALLY sucks though is that I did NOT remember anything until I was takeing a shower and the stickieness was washed off. I would have really liked to scrape my skin and have an analysis done on the substance. It would have been fantastic for the human race to uncover the secrets of this thick liquid as the other race did that I met 9 or 10 years ago. It would have changed the human race for the better as it did for the other race. I just hope I get that chance again. If not me, than some one. Some one, any one, I don't care who! I don't care at all! We need this liquid! It would change the entire race, ecosystem, biosphere, and the planet. Only good can come from it! (I think) I really hope some one gets a sample of this stuff! Some thing tells me that it is an alkaline based substance of some sort. I would really love for this substance to come to Earth. Disease would be a thing of the past. Starvation would end as would malnourishment. Pollution would end. The planet could heal. Only good can come from it. We really need this stuff.

It really sucks that people like me and many others here are seen as crazy. We know of things that could change the course of the human race and take the whole planet into a positive direction. That is my driveing force for writing Extraterrestrial Evolution 101. Maybe I could, in some small way, help people see what they already know. My method is useing globally accepted science and history that every one already agrees on. Many just don't see it as one picture. Rather it is all broken up into separate subjects and schools of learning. The worst part is that most scientists, cross professionally, don't talk to each other. Its all a big ego trip for most scientists. Who makes the discoveries and who gets the glory..... Its really sad. I'm convinced that the human race would be at least 100 years more advanced if scientists of all different profession would just talk to each other.

There are only 2 profession that I have found that scientists and specialists are all working together for one goal. The first is Quantum Physics. Quantum physicists. classical physicists, theoretical physicists, astrophysicists, cosmologists, human behaviour specialists, microbiologists, human anatomy specialists, brain sergions, spiritual leaders, and many other types of people are all talking and finding out that they are all saying the same thing. It is similar with astrobiology. Microbiologists, geologists, seismiologists, volcanologists, astropysicists, cosmologists, planetologists, paleontologists, paleoclimatologists, geological time scale specialists, and paleobotonists are all working towards one goal. Now if all of these people were to look at the dinosaur's extinction they would come up with the right answer. Nothing annoys me more than these idiots on TV saying that they now what killed them all off. All of them are wrong! But on the other hand they are right but they don't know it. They have huge egos and fight eachother to be right and get all the glory of discovery. The only reason why I know a more of a complete answer is because I study everything. I do not limit myself in what I study at all. It is for this one and only reason why I want to live for 300+ years. I don't have the time in my short life span of 60-100 years to study everything I want.

Sorry I went on that rant.... It is relavent but not relavent at all at the same time. Sorry

Finally to answer your question about my children.....
Earth, in it's state of things, isn't healthy for an living being. To know this all you have to do is watch the news. I refuse to bring a child into this world. Humans are a very dangerous specie. They can and do react out of fear very readily. Earth is a violent place that is full of hatered and corruption. Very true, there are some outstanding, wonderful, and beautifel humans. But it seems that too many are not. The conciousness level on this planet is not that great for many humans. Also, humans see time as being very linear. If my understanding of time is correct, it is more sphereical. It can move in streams, whirlpools, and spheres. I feel that extraterrestrials know this about time, or rather the true nature of time. ET's have a greater understanding of everything that we can't even fathom. Quantum physics is just now beginning to see the relations between spirituality and science. Our understanding for the most part is still infantile. The same goes for our understandings of just about everything. The mother's of my children, their family, and specie can give them all than they desrve in life. I simply can not do that for them. They deserve better than me and that is what they have. But this also means that I may never see them, see them born, hold them, teach them, or tell them that I love them. It is a heavy price to pay, but it is better that way. I also would not dare to have them away from their mother's, faimily, and specie. It's just better that way, but I would love to see them at some point. Even if it is just once, so I could tell them that I love them. I would be happy with that. I would also like to see their beautiful mothers' again as well.

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