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Default Re: Cafayate community/phyle in Argentina .

Originally Posted by Henry Deacon View Post
i just took a quick peek at your map of Cafayate.

i have not scouted out that terrain enough.
Check the altitude; surrounding mountains? ; water; ariable land; population density. Compare those demographics and more with the area circle on the map posted on Project Camelot.

It may be better than most areas. Do not have enough time to look further at the moment.

One might think that the S. Hemisphere would be a better choice but that was based upon old planning - some related to nuclear fallout patterns, etc. That planning and projection(s) no longer applies.

Best Wishes
Hello Henry,

It has only just dawned on me who you are. Your avatar details just went right over my head. Didn't register. I've very much appreciated the information you have brought forward to the public and would like to thank you for having the courage to do so.

You probably know by now, but as you are probably even busier than me here are answers to your points on Cafayate: altitude is 1660m; surrounding mountains are some kilometers away but in view from every home site in the community; natural spring water runs through the properties, supplies all grape vines, and waters the Bob Cupp designed golf course; two natural lakes, I believe fed from the spring water, with fish for fishing being designed; arable land plots range from around 1/2 acre up to 4.4 acres and all are encouraged to grow organic produce of nuts, olives, veges, grapes etc; gardeners and maids available from nearby Cafayate; population about 12,000 in nearby Cafayate; community will have up to 300 homesteads, currently 90-100; 300 days of sunshine a year; temps ranging from 6 degrees to 28 degrees throughout year; no more than couple of days of frost per year, I believe. Outside Cafayate seems sparsely populated.

I'd be very interested to hear why you say "That planning and projection(s) no longer applies" with respect to safety of S. America. Is this because the dangers seen as most likely, or at least most imminent, now are Earth, climate and geological changes rather than nuclear war. Cafayate is certainly far enough inland and high enough in altitude to be safe from the La Palma mega tsunami.

Kind regards,

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