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Default Re: Change is Inevitable; In for the Long Haul, Positive Thoughts

Originally Posted by Mystique View Post
Who is staying and why are you here?

I have no intention of leaving, if I had more time, I would make more thread about how consciousness shapes realities.

2. What have you gotten from this community?

A lot, it is hard to enumerate all, but to simplify in three points; friends, sharing, precious information...

2. What do you want or hope to see in the future on this forum?

I hope people will stay focused on a New Paradigm for Earth and hUmaNITY in the eye of the storm. The tension we are living were already annonced. We knew about it. What was also said is to stay calm and focused... That is what I hope for Avalon, avoiding making a tempest in a cup of water, while sharing with honesty our point of view.

Sincerely from the heart, Mystique[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]
Namaste, Steven
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