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Default Re: Change is Inevitable; In for the Long Haul, Positive Thoughts

Originally Posted by Mystique View Post
Sorry, I made it huge.... it didn't look huge in the little box.
you almost knocked me off my chair opening this thread...

What everyone needs to understand is Bill and Kerry have created a Vortex here at Project Avalon that has drawn all of us in...

This is a gathering place of many who were meant to meet from all walks of life and every corner of the earth.

There are many spectators that don't realize what they are experiencing, there is no one here that can change the events as they move forward.

there are no dis-info agents just people using their imagination to feel special in some way...

If you are connected and sharing your energy on this forum it gives a vertigo sensation like standing out under the stars looking up and feeling a dizziness being grounded to the earth and traveling over 1000 miles per hour spinning on it's daily path.

Every person here is special in their own way, and those who have a tantrum and stomp their feet like a young child find complete emptiness leaving. They are drawn back reading on as a lurker until a subject too exciting for them to hold back on comes up so they jump in to share in the conversations.

People that are saying goodbye, just really want to know someone cares.

and the answer is simple...

of course we do...

a great Moderator like a good bartender knows how to listen, and when the time is right to nod in agreement and keep them talking.

Psychologists get paid great money to do what they do...
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