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Default Change is Inevitable; In for the Long Haul, Positive Thoughts

I wanted to start this thread promoting the good things about Avalon.

I read many posts about the changes going on at Camelot and Avalon, but I've also read about some people feeling it's time to leave here. I truly wish them the very best and there will be a void. I feel sad that some of you are saddened.

I also read comments about TPTB loving the fact that there is dissension in the air.... and I agree as many of you have stated, that they (TPTB) are so hoping to divide and conquer. They would like this site to disappear.

Now looking at things differently, I wanted to look at and focus on some of .the positive things here at Avalon.

This has been one of the most, if not the most successful website at getting at the truth, new ideas, testimonies and also providing a forum for freedom, discussion, agreement and disagreement.

I'm not giving up on Camelot or Avalon. I will stay and weather the storm. I'm in it for the long haul. If I need a break from the forum, I'll take one, but I'm not nearly ready to leave.

This is a good place with many good and wise people that care and hope to make a difference. I've learned a lot and have been inspired by many of you.

Since we co-create our own future, I figure we can work on creating this forum the way we want it to be through our own intentions.

On an upbeat note, my questions to you are...

!. Who is staying and why are you here?
2. What have you gotten from this community?
2. What do you want or hope to see in the future on this forum?

Sincerely from the heart, Mystique

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