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Default Re: What do I want my ET mentor meeting to be like?

JudgeMental: My first meeting with Shiva was in early 1998. My earliest meeting with a god was with Pan, 20 years before that. As far as I understand, they are two leading members of the benevolent faction of the Annunaki. I can say with complete certainty and objectivity that Shiva was far wiser, much more beautiful-looking in his face (I'm not gay, by the way), much more helpful, much more genuinely positive, much better able to communicate many lessons all at once, than anybody else I have ever met in this lifetime. It would take at least a small book to explain why he managed to demonstrate all those things in just a few meetings, none of which lasted more than about half an hour. He'll still sometimes answer a question I ask him to this day.

I know from direct experience that in the 4D/5D world all the gods (or the buddhas, or the Christs, or whatever you want to call them) have followers, and that some of these followers (much to the gods' disapproval) sometimes try to imitate their hero and claim to be him/her. I'm satisfied, though, that I didn't get one of the imitations. It would take too long to explain why, and would involve my telling many of the most significant parts of my life story, among other very intimate details.
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