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Default Re: Hold on to your dreams

Here from "Handbooks for the New Paradigm" book 1 - chapter 9.

Quote: "The situation is this. Time is the primary element used to recognize placement within the 3rd dimension. However, the veil between dimension is thinning. As the awareness grows of the availability of 4th and even 5th dimensional processes for usage in this 3rd dimensional realm, this veil will begin to thin even more. The new focus must include elements of the higher dimensions. How to do this! Thought moves between dimensions as long as the thought is within those dimensional parameters. 3rd dimensional parameters allow for interfering with the development of others. It allows for the forcing of one will upon another. Above that dimension, all are allowed freedom to develop without this interference. Personal responsibility is the keynote of existence.

Contrary to the mass consciousness appearance of the lack of development of this level, it is there, simply smothered by the barrage of mind control techniques. However, these techniques are not as successful as it might appear. If these were, then the massive physical control that is being put in place would not be necessary. If these were, then there would be no problem of what to do about what they see as overpopulation. There would be masses of people following like lemmings into the sea. What is becoming a rising tide, is the ground swell of feeling of people longing for this personal freedom". End of the quote.

For those new to the "handbooks" series, I invite you to read them, and for the others to re-read them . Our focus on something "NEW" ask for breaking these walls of perception we are locked in. Ask for a New Humanity, be realist, ask for the impossible! Telepathy, healing hands, astral travels, you decide! We hold so much power into our focus, I've been there... Our potential is unlimited!

Namaste, Steven

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