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Default Hold on to your dreams

It's time to make our best dreams! The best we can radiate. The best we can be. A turmoil is ahead and it was announced in every tribes, but it will be caused by a shift in consciousness. A necessary transition to become more.

A solid system can not be replaced, it is too well rooted in our consciousness, that is why a turmoil is necessary to create change, globally, in all parts of the whole. We are living in a time of convergence totally unique.

We are becoming a family, brothers and sisters, heading to freedom where arguing to the death will be things of the past. Becoming more conscious. These are great times to be here!

There is a danger, a possibility, to fall into Tyranny, that is what makes this times even of a greater significance. We are here to do a task. In order to be on the path of our purpose, we need to stay focused on the inner soul, the heart that talks and guide. So, we can dream the best out in the mountains and valleys. And by dreams I mean everything we emanate...

Simple, powerful, innermost rooted into our heart are the best dreams. The ones who makes us vibrates like an orchestra on the hill. We know this dream, distinguished from the one we live, by finding its source in the heart of Creation, which dwells in us. Which we are. We are the dream of Creation, we are the dreamers of our realities, we are Creation dreaming its own dream. All begins into consciousness.

The turmoil isn't going to destroy massively the whole population, we are influenced to think so. See it clearly, with an opened mind about what we are. We are makers of realities and our mental environment is polluted with outside influence. The turmoil is going to be what we make it to be. My heart tells me the effects are going to be much lesser than we think. After all, the economic system, the nuclear war, the pandemic and what else has not hit to the strength it was "predicted". Earth moves and does it with precious caring, we are her family aboard together.

Prepare for the worst... The government has a choice? It matters not. What really counts in a time where miracles are pouring on Earth is our heart and soul. Hold on to your dreams, the best of all dreams... We are on a ride of elevation in consciousness, all our dreams (conscious, unconscious, good, bad and all else) will manifest in a powerful way.

Namaste, Steven

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