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Default Re: Ethos & Daewoo to Build First Commercial Water powered car

There is another side to the story on Joe Newman:

Originally Posted by nestingwave View Post
This shows growing awareness of the new techniques of hydrolysis of which the most famous example is Stanley Meyer whose technology was also ready to go into production ... before they murdered him.
For those who would like to hear the story of Stanley Meyer, here is a You Tube about his discovery:

"Thank God for the freedom of the internet!"

Yes, we must keep the internet free!

"We simply need to WAKE UP to the fact that our criminal "leaders" have DUPPED us about everything --- and --- just say this to them ... NO!"

I'm awake... but so many more need to become awake to the fact that our "leaders" have kept many secrets from us. It's not about saying "NO", it's saying "We're fed up and we're not going to take it any more!"

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