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Originally Posted by Karen View Post
From a former insider on this forum as to Admins abilities to look at PMs:
"No Colin said can't do
And I believe him."

Anchor is the one that told me it would be extremely difficult.

What went on over at Astrovera (or any other forum) and snooping into PMs is no reflection on what the admins at this forum would do.

Now if someone hacked into Lionhawk's user account and accessed PMs that way - then that is a whole other issue from admins snooping into people's private messages. I reported it to admin - and I hammered at them a few times. I got nowhere, which was a typical scenario. By that time we knew we were moving to Avalon 2.0 anyway.

Well as difficult as it might be...I personally saw Lionhawk signed on, on 02/07/2010...but he did not reactivate his acount until that is a question that should be addressed. Because someone was in the account..and the question is why? If I were him, I would be asking the same questions....and he should get some answers, and not be stalled on it. It should be the forum Administrators main concern when things like that happen. And surly not swept under the rug.

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