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Originally Posted by swordsmith View Post
yes, something very ugly is going on here. Plus the very idea of giving aduts a time out is repugnant, especially when it is given to the wrong ones.
Honestly even titles like " hall monitor. " puke .
Burgundia had the fortitude to voice her disatisfaction, so now she is MYSTIFIED, and even that is not made clear.
Luminari, I suggest you tell all so people can have an informed choice if they want to further participate in this.
The whole thing has been very obvious to the observant.
BTW, all the love crap from certain individuals I find very aggressive, not to mention vampiric, but it matters not to me, you won't find my veins.
perhaps we need a thread for the deeply disgruntled and a meeting point eleswhere.
Just what is going on here is very interesting but not so much that you'd want to stay if its going to be just a lot of yes people frightened of conflict. Oh quick ! let's get back into the leaky boat and just keep bailing the waters of truth . yes water has a knack of wearing down the unservicable . So be it.

"but but i loooooove you even of you dont want me to, " thats right , I don't .
tough love, more my style in cases like this.
Hall monitor was a joke....[edit](There used to be laughter here)[edit] It will be removed soon with the change...Peace

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