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Default Re: Fleeing bush family detained by us delta forces at camp david? (Sorcha Faal)

Originally Posted by Barron View Post
Hey "Humble Janitor".

If you have read any or many of Chris Story's reports history teaches you that he is so far off the mark and predicts and reports preposterous events as actually having happened when no such event took place, and here is an example of what I mean for you....

Last night we received Chris Story's, 5/26/08 update. He reiterated that Cheney has twice been detained along with Ben Bernake, Bush Sr and several others. Cheney was forced to sign papers authorizing several actions.

(See what I mean, Humble Janitor?)

I am a real person, a real janitor. No need to use quotation marks.

I get it. Still interesting to read.
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