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Default Re: Greys, Abductions, Hybridisation and now they are moving into a community near yo

Originally Posted by orthodoxymoron View Post
It seems to me that what we may be dealing with is demonic deception throughout the alien, ufo, religious, political, and paranormal phenomenon.
I have to say IMHO I find that highly unlikely. I think putting labels that have their origins in superstition on phenomena we don't understand only muddies the waters unnecessarily and causes us and others who hear them to apply preconceived notions to things we truly do not understand.

I was a Christian for over 30 years, and I studied and taught the Bible for many of those years. I was a "true believer" in every respect. Eventually however, after much reflection and consideration I had to eventually admit to myself that I could no longer justify my beliefs in God, Jesus, or the supernatural and that I certainly could not longer accept the "story" of the Bible's origins as presented by its promoters as the truth. The preponderance of evidence simply caused entirely too much cognitive dissonance on my part. I have valued above all else honesty with others and myself. Like everyone I have failed from time to time realize this ideal but in general I insist on honesty above comfort or consolation. I have come to the conclusion that the Bible, in the vernacular of modern Ufology, is essentially disinformation. Abandoning the Christian world view allowed me to actually entertain theories and ideas that I was previously highly discouraged from thinking about. So yes, I once thought UFOs were essentially demonic in nature because that is the only valid conclusion that fits into the Christian world view (which is in all reality a classic mythos). The simple fact is however that the Bible is not what we are told that it is, and the world view it promotes is demonstratively false. I have proven this sufficiently to myself much against my own wishes to the contrary. I understand your mileage may vary.

I have come to think that what is actually happening is what we already see happening in our relationship to species that are lower down on the food chain than we are. Some species (ETs, CTs, UTs, MDEs, or whatever theory you want to entertain) higher up on the food chain than we are is interacting with us and we are neurologically incapable of perceiving them, their motivations, or even their actions correctly simply due to the difference in our biological operating specifications. A non-biological example of what I mean would be the impossibility of an AM radio circuit to pick up FM signals. Due to their construction it is simply impossible for one to detect the signals of the other due to their nature.

John Lilly spent his career attempting to communicate with dolphins. One might argue that he achieved this to some degree, however only in a rudimentary fashion. Certainly dolphins cannot be made to understand human motivations or society no more than we can truly understand the inner workings of the dolphins mind and true social context. Its an apples and oranges kind of thing. So too might this whole UFO phenomena and other paranormal phenomena (that aren't explained by human physiological conditions) turn out to be simply a neurologically superior or should I say a vastly neurologically different species interacting with us for reasons only they could understand. Are they actually the demons of the Bible? I would say there is no more chance of that than them being Ewoks or Asgard (from the Stargate TV series). They are most likely nothing that we have imagined or can imagine for the reasons I have outlined above.

Once an individual realizes and accepts the fact that the universe is not human centric I believe they are in effect "enlightened" to some degree. (Not that I claim to be enlightened to any degree) Once an individual sheds the shackles of religion, spirituality, and superstition there exists just a glimmer of hope that he or she might see themselves and the universe as they truly are. Just a glimmer though, just a outside chance ... a snow-balls chance in hell if you will. We are psychologically misadapted to realize this sort of thing however and in the end it probably isn't worth the struggle required to achieve. You'll have to pardon my cynicism but I paid for it in full and I like to whip it out occasionally just to make sure I get my money's worth.

Have a good one.
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