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Hi Brook
Pleased your released.

Brings to mind Mae West.

Dont take this personally -- smiling

Mae said and I quote
"When Im good in good, and when im bad Im better!"

Well there is so much seriousness going on.
When we are light we are so much more compassionate.

A true story.
A friend of mine is a ski instructor.
He came upon an accident on the slopes.
People standing around an unconscious young woman who had a bleeding face.
All bemoaning the tragedy.
He stepped in and got a bundle of snow and very very firmly applied it to the wound, people arround were quite critical of the speed and force of the delivery, truth is the bleeding stopped and he probably saved her from needing stiches.

Sometimes love can appear tough, hence the expression tough love.

People do the best they can and I believe most are truly compassionate when push comes to shove, they will even risk their own lives in an emergency and that is true compassion.

Love Chris
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