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Originally Posted by wynderer View Post
sorry -- i don't know what 'in the mists' is -- it seems to me that the two forums here are going bonkers like the world in general is --

Peace & Freedom, wynderer
In the mist is when you are disallowed from posting through some real or imagined infringement of the rules.

Yes the whole world is crazy at the moment, I put it down to a change in energy.
Assuming, lets say it is true that we are one with Mother earth.
Recently we have had at least two major earth quakes with much loss of life, it is no wonder that we are unsettled vibrationally.

Compassion is the greatesf form of love.
Lets show so some for those who are sensitve and therfore reactive at the moment.
There is no right or wrong as such.
Appropriate or not so appropriate may be a better way of looking at recent posts.

Relax my friends the ripples are dying down if we let them.

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