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Default Re: What is your sign?

This thread is a cool read. I don't know **** about astrology, I'm basically neutral on it. I like the fact that my sign is a lion, cause i love lions and i've always had quite a mane of hair, back in the day, kids would call me mufasa. .

I do know that this body art is awesome though, thx illuminate.

Originally Posted by illuminate View Post

I guess i am kinda skeptical of astrology though. On the surface (which, admitedly, is as far as I've looked) it seems a pretty arbitrary way of ascribing traits and tendancies.

I guess the deepest I've looked into astrology is a pretty negatively biased side, Penn and Teller's Bullsh!t show. You guys are all so nice here, I almost hate to ask you to watch this but I would like to get some of your opinions on this show, because I'm thinking that this is a really biased view point likely, but I really have no frame of referance.

A warning though, it's from showtime, so there's plenty of swears from Penn and he's pretty loud too, but I do think they make some interseting points, mostly about those who would charge for readings. The last half of the third part is the most concerning, when people come to astrologers for life decisions.

(also, nother WARNING, don't wanna get in trouble here, it's showtime and its Penn and Teller, so there's some brief boobies at the end of the third part.)

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