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imo, a really good way for you humans to learn compassion is to stop killing & eating your brothers & sisters, the animals, who, unfortunately for them, share the planet w/you-- in my estimation, about 95% of you eat either their dead bodies, or secretions from them while they are kept in captivity, having been bred /dumbed down centuries ago -- i'm not addressing all the other ways you are cruel to them --

Stuart Wilde has been teaching people to go to other dimensions -- in a recent newsletter, he noted that only those who did not eat dead animals were able to make this shift

everything the reptilians are doing to humans, you have been doing to the animals for century upon century -- perhaps it is simple karma that has allowed the reptilians & buddies to rule this planet for so long

you all start eating meat as soon as you get teeth , or sooner, w/baby food & blenders available--imo, this is THE most de-sensitizing
collective activity of humans, guaranteeing a disconnect from your own innate compassion

i don't think Mother Earth is too pleased with this, & i know the Creator isn't

Peace & Freedom for All Beings, wynderer
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