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Default Re: New Bill Seeks to Restrict Access to Dietary Supplements in US

Thanks FIISH!! Ohhh this stuff makes me mad! Western medicine did nothing but attempt to kill me, make me sicker or try to convince me i needed a hysterectomny at 34....I got fed up and sought out treatment from an herbalist who had me back in great health in no time flat.

At that point I dove into learning everything I could about how herbs, nutrition and natural supplements heal...and at the same time I also learned that Western medicine is way off track because it only seeks to profit from healing. Doctors treat the symptoms with something that will create side effects you need more medication for...instead of diagnosing and treating the root cause of the dis-ease.

I've been a much healthier individual over the last 10yrs than I was in my 20s & 30s because I know what to take to keep my immune system boosted, and when I feel the onset of a bug I know how to knock it out, or at least reduce the severity and duration with natural supplements.

Along with millions of other people, if this law passes it will have an extremely detrimental effect on my health and bigpharma is well aware of that. Hence the reason for the bill....this is pure evil at work.

Profiting from health care should be entirely outlawed, we have an entire industry we entrusted with our best interests and now every thing they do is aimed at making us sick. Then bankrupting us and taking our homes, when we can't pay the hospital bill.

Now that's the American way, predatory capitalism at it's finest!

Thank you for this post, I've laready passed it on!
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