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Default Re: Pope Instructs His Flock To Embrace Their Alien Brothers and Sisters

maybe they should start a process,
of giving everyone back their stuff

that would sure equalize, the playing field

are they NOT the richest corporation in the world ?

i wonder how they got that way ?

i hate to hear stories, where parents get mad at kids

and, leave everything to the church, esp. this one !!!

this church, it does NOT need our money

and, the sooner people walk backwards,

out of it, the easier it will be, for earth, to shift

i think a lot of people, are doing just that,

now, they play the "ufo card" to get interest ???

something is rotten, in the balls of rome !!!

what neXt ufos, mother mary, or jesus
appearing in the skiies
in beam_blue holograms

if it happens on october 14 / 2008
a 10-15-10, it's a trick

i know, that if something appears to you,
it generally appears, in your higher mind,
or, it can put on a purple type of glow,
all around it !!!

only those things,
that can express dynamic red,
and, blue, and, combine, and, express them purely,
can show this purple hue

not so sure, holograms, can do that !!!

does anyone know, if they can ???

brightest blessings
the eXchanger
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