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Default Re: Solar Panels and CME

Originally Posted by Anchor View Post
I was referring to photo voltaic cells not heat exchangers. If you have solar hot water, then unless there is an electric pump I doubt CME or EMP would be a concern.

Low voltage is usually considerered to be anything where the voltage is less than 60 volts.

Normally this means 48v or less since the main voltages for solar power systems are 12/24/48v - this is down to common arrangements for battery arrays being in multiples of 12v.

Higher voltages are found in grid tied systems, but they are no good in a CMP/EMP because without the grid, they are useless.

I just wanted to clarify, how do you know that emp wouldn't fry lower voltage. Is there any science behind it, if we don't know how exacly sun works, we also don't know how powerful the wave can get.
This just doesn't work with my logic, wouldn't be so that even small voltages would get fried with a strong enough emp.

What I feel is to hide everything and kick start it after the event, I would not risk it.

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