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Default Rat Out a Tax Cheat, Collect a Reward...Supplemental Income???

I imagine people will consider this a way of supplementing their incomes in an increasing manner.

The media propaganda putting ideas into people's heads to help increase government tax revenue.

We all know who the Big-time crooks are!!!

Rat Out a Tax Cheat, Collect a Reward

by Blake Ellis, Staff Reporter
Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Small–time crooks: The IRS's informant program has been around for more than 140 years. If you suspect a person is committing tax fraud and report it, you could receive up to 15% of the amount that has been underpaid, with a maximum award of $10 million.

Informants are required to complete a claim, which is available on the IRS Web site, and mail it to the agency or call the IRS tip line at 1–800–829–0433. While you must reveal your identity to the IRS, your name will not be made public.

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