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Default Re: France Aliens Résistance UN+ON

Originally Posted by Draecon13 View Post
Greetings to all,

This thread is based on truth. Those of us who have found and responded to the inner calling of Knowledge understand this. Our numbers are small but growing. The real priority is first to reclaim and unite with our true mind and self. That being Knowledge. We must be able to correctly discern and then correctly respond to all that is happening. Those we are destined to attract for our purposes will only be found if all take "The Steps to Knowledge". This must be our first priority, for without this, all else is conjecture and wish.
I've been spreading this message since about a year here, and since longer time on other forums, but the interest is very small. It is literally seeding into a jungle of all sorts of information, hehe.

Anyway, I am well aware of the message Marshal Vian Summers and others have brought to us. If I can be of any use... I'm the voice in the desert...

Originally Posted by solent View Post
Hi Frere Claude, I respect what you are doing very much, but I am a little surprised you posted your warning here, we are all very much aware of what is going on, so you posting your warning here is kind of like taking sand to the beach...

One thing I have found, is that you can only wake up those who want/ready to wake up, everyone else just thinks we are nuts....
I am still shocked to notice it is not the fact. There are very few here who are willing to hear this message. Just saying that there is actually an intervention on Earth by ETs alliance with the purpose to progressively take over the population into full scale slavery/tyranny and you will not attract many minds to your claim.

Even if there are many whistleblowers, first hand contactees and witnesses who says it so, among them, many interviewed by Bill and Kerry. So, it is always a good thing to bring up the topic once again and I'm glad to see it is from someone else this time.

Frere Claude, je suis quebecois. Si je peux etre utile a quelque chose, dis-moi le. Je connais bien Allie de l"humanite et beaucoup plus. Avez-vous un groupe au Quebec?

Namaste, Steven

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