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Default Re: France Aliens Résistance UN+ON

Hello Brother Claude,

Akopij wrote:
je suis sur qu'on peut s'entendre, je suis assez d'accord avec le contenu de votre message, mais je voudrais savoir de qui il vient
I and likely others on this forum would want to understand this as well.

Celine wrote:
Vous allez trouver que beaucoup de personne ici connait bien cette information

frère Claude-Your message is received with open arms here as Celine pointed out....

However. I would like to respectful ask that the communication used could mirror that which is predominantly used on this forum. The initial message was sent in English and based on the premise of a call to "all" (and French UFO groups) to assist, it would be beneficial if we could maintain this thread/communication in English?

cordialement (kind regards),
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