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Default Re: Odd dream (please comment)

Perhaps angry isn't the right word. Not angry, but perhaps disturbed that I would take a picture. It was more of a "child plays with matches, child gets burned" type of thing. Angel or entity, it was SOMETHING up there. At first, I saw it and turned away in disbelief and when I looked again, I got a better view of it and took the picture.

Personally, I want to see the truth so bad and maybe there was enough negative energy present to interfere with this.

Regardless, I feel fine now. For me, it's not only the dream but odd noises and sometimes, lots of deja vu.

I know my reality is changing and perhaps this experience is just one of the many experiences that await me.

Thank you for attempting to analyze this. I don't usually have time to look at the sky but I'll keep my eyes out when I can.
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