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Default There is no odd dream, only messages.

(I went to bed, but had to open the laptop again, as I felt that I did all too quick interpretation...sorry about that. Hope this is for any help.)

Originally Posted by Humble Janitor View Post
....messing with my reality and so forth. I didn't even share the picture and the entity still made my life hell!

probably a sign of things to come.

You have to learn to TRUST your own inner guidance,
as you INSTINCTIVELY knew yourself what the dream was about,

"a sign of things to come".

We are all returning HOME sooner or later.

Something is appearing on the sky, whether it is an angelic entity or
a spacecraft, it does not really matter.

It will mess with you reality, cause havoc..
karmic clearning, everyday issues, relationships, sometimes even more than we may want to handle, but we will all be returning home....

whatever the home might be....


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