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Default Re: Odd dream (please comment)

Originally Posted by Humble Janitor View Post
Telepathically, it basically warns me against posting the picture so others may see what I saw.
HJ, this sounds very close to real life, this is almost the excuse I'm anticipating next from the those who film lousy footage or shoot blurry pictures.

I thought it was most interesting when you mentioned the entity was manipulating your reality, all for trying to take a picture huh? well maybe this is an expression of your subconscious desire to see 'truth' unveiled on a much wider scale in 'actual reality'. I know that's one of my desires and I'm sure many others here too.

You may never interpret the dream in a way that will fully satisfy you, or for answers, but the truth is within you and only you can figure out your dream, you're the only one that has the complete 'data' on your own life history and experiences, personal traits, and deepest desires. Dreams are meant to give you more than one answer, something to think about, so reflect on it for a while and you may just be surprised yet.

Oh and if I were you, I'd keep my eye on the sky and have the camera ready, maybe its a vision

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