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Default Re: Odd dream (please comment)

Humble Janitor--

SUCH an interesting dream! you know, of course, that only the dreamer his/her-self can decide what is the most accurate interpretation. and also, the dream can be "correct" on various different levels. so there's definitely not just ONE appropriate interpretation ...... whatever seems to you to fit best, and to hold some insights for your life as you're experiencing it now (internally, in particular).

but having said that ..... i'll say that i have dreams of houses that i've lived in at different times in my life, and they each seem to be a specific symbol to me. so, figure out what your parents' house might mean to you (e.g., dependence? comfort? security? childhood? unconditional love? Then you're "looking up" which to me implies searching ..... and searching in "heavenlly" places. so you see an angel (divine emissary) who excites you enough that you take a photo (trying to capture the divine's image, maybe so you could prove something to others? maybe this angel is sorta like Jacob's angel in Genesis....the one he fought with all night? [and that story has lots of possible interpretations!]; again, these are just a few suggestions to get you started, HJ.) and then the angel gets angry (have you ever thought of angry angels before, or do you usually think of them more as lovely and peaceful? iow, was this a sort-of a surprising twist on the Angel Archetype for you? if so ..... pay attention to that.)

then they're all these phrases at the end of your description (emotions are KEY to our dreams) which are extremely emotionally evocative: harassing...hijacking...messing with my reality...still makes my life hell. Such strong emotional tags here -- can you identify the situations in your life (inner or outer) that these "tags" could be pointing to?

i think that something stressful/distressing about your spiritual life (understanding of God/the divine and her-his messengers/angels) is managing to distract you from your desire to "look toward the heavens" and "appreciate the beauty of the divine" and the signs or emissaries of Her-His presence in the NOW. you became distracted, fearful, combative (the angel starts it, of course), and you have a keen sense of the injustice of the situation, since you didn't even try to share the photograph (didn't even do anything wrong yourself ..... but your angry angel thought you might!) this whole SHOCKING, distressing, frustrating incident (which began with such HOPE & PROMISE) leaves you feeling "freaked out" and aware that this is probably just a foretaste of the troubles-to-come.

Does this sound at all familiar to you, HJ??? (it sure sounds familiar to me LOL so i think maybe i'll claim it for myself as well!!!)

Humble Janitor, please let me know how this "resonates" with you (as we all say here from time-to-time). Thanks for sharing and for the opportunity to pick your brain. If my interpretation sounds way-far-off, DISCARD it, and keep thinking and discerning ...... with some input from other people too, hopefully.

your sister,

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