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Default Re: The Coconut Diet™ - Thyroid Health A Key to Weight Loss

morning: a half bagel with peanut butter and apple butter, plus black coffee

lunch: an apple (preferably macintosh)

dinner: pasta/sauce with vegetables, 1/3 glass red wine

tv time: doritoes!, low fat ice cream

that's about it.

I got my bottle of MCT and took a teaspoon this morning after breakfast.
got some energy and after a couple hrs. a stale after taste, plus a pretty spacey feeling from it.
I'll try a tspn. of VCO this afternoon and see what happens.

funny, I haven't read anything about this 'spaciness' I been experiencing.
I've done a google with nothing on the woozy, off-kilter, A-D-D after effects I've been getting.
wonder what's what?
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