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Default Re: Project avalon 2.. Are you havin a laugh?

[QUOTE=raulduke;258946]Umm, so which is it?
Is the forum "RIFE with disinfo agents"
That is a member opinion. That is not from a moderator.

or are there "very few"?
The current mod team I think is in general agreement there are only a few who won't be invited. Excluding "disinfo agents" is not the goal. The ones with the most "disruptive behavior" will be excluded.

That's the problem Ross, I have thought about it and read as much as I could, really I have tried to be as objective as possible, but it still smells a bit fishy and I still have questions.
Well, I personally am very very sad about the way this went down - it is not what we had planned. Things happen and people make mistakes. I will personally apologize for the mod team and give my best advice to all before making my final departure. (Yes, I still quit. Time to spend much, much less time at the computer.)
Here's the thing I don't get (well, one of 'em), if there are only a very few members who are the problem on this forum, logistically speaking, is it not completely ridiculous to weed out the majority of 'good' members as opposed to just finding the "very few". Truly that makes no sense, also if it's only a few trouble makers, why the need to uproot and divide an entire community?
It's the same thing. Pick the ones to leave out. And pick the ones to include. We can't add all 6,000 on one day.
It'd be really nice if a mod would explain how the invites are being sent, because I read people saying things like members who've only been around a couple months are some of the first to get invites. Who knows, maybe they asked, maybe they knew the right peeps, whatever, the fact that mods aren't being very forthcoming about any of this stuff is only making things worse.
It's random - totally random. The mods that are left are on total overwhelm. Their organizer (me) got disgusted and walked out. They pick their own brain for a list of who they would like to invite, then they all discuss it. Have you ever tried to work with volunteers from all over the world, in different time zones and some with maybe only 1-2 hours to give each day? This is no easy task. Personally, I've been keeping a list in mod central for quite sometime now of posts/posters with really bad attitudes to see if it's a pattern or just a time or two.

Can you not see that going around stating that if people want an invite, they may ask for one, is a bit prententious, like asking them to beg?
Oh for pity sake - they are just asking for your help with a very difficult and time consuming chore. Some people on the forum are reading the craziest things into what has happened. I know you haven't been getting a lot of answers - because the mods simply don't have the time, and have not even convened with each other much to come up with an official plan.

Imho, what should have happened is, if you're going to judge members before allowing them in, the mod team should either have stated exactly on what basis one is admitted, and exactly how the process would be carried out, which should be easy enough? That or deliberate on the membership in full b4 allowing anyone in.
What shoulda been, woulda been nice, but it didn't happen, with this little volunteer team that also has to work and eat, and take care of family and sleep. The way I would say it is - on the whole are your posts constructive or destructive? Do you tear down or build up? I would guess there are about 12 people on my do not invite list.

What? I think maybe you're taking yourself too seriously. Whose lives are at stake over a forum, and how is taking a light hearted approach to being subjected to these ridiculous circumstances somehow mocking anyone who would somehow place their life on the line on a forum?
This is a comment made by Jack who is not a moderator.
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