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Default Re: Project avalon 2.. Are you havin a laugh?

Originally Posted by Swanny View Post

OK here is my rant about pa2

Seems pretty obvious to me that it's about control. You only have to read the rules to see that

This is my favourite

So if you find a site offering a good price for a water filter etc you are not allowed to share it with your friends, worst than that you can't even talk about it.
WTF is that all about????

I still don't understand the word censor. You can say bum, ass, bottom but not ar$e.

We are here because the world we are living in is going trough massive changes and yet we are being treated like little kids.

Does this mean T3J will not be allowed to talk about his dowsing?? And who is OUR???
Did Bill write this and wants us only to talk about his interviews?? Oops on the new forum I wont be able to mention his name unless it has been ok'ed

I think who ever wrote those rules needs to rewrite them and bear in mind that the forum belongs to it's members, with out them they will have no one to control.

Hey don't worry the NFO will take care of us

Hey if anyone wants a new job there are always vacancies for traffic wardens
Unfortunately the way things went down as an introduction to Project Avalon 2.0 was extremely disappointing to me.

I have worked to change many of the things you complain of, and not made much progress.

There were other changes that did not get put into those guidelines, before they had to be loaded onto the forum. I will try to help with those changes tomorrow.

I did start a thread for member suggestions and it has been well used.
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