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Default Re: Project avalon 2.. Are you havin a laugh?

Originally Posted by raulduke View Post
Yikes, is that true? I really hope not, or maybe I don't understand this correctly?

If true, could a mod please explain what that means?

What if someone has some interesting original work they would like to post for others to read and comment on, and then maybe decided to inculde their post in an article or book they may professionally write?

Would Project Avalon own that work, and as such be entitled to any profits?
No, no, no, - the full explanation spells out the reason:


We consider posts to this public forum too important, for members to come back at a later date and remove them without good reason. Therefore this forum considers posts made to it become the property of the forum. Members who remove posts may have them restored again by the Moderators if it is considered it would affect the readability and flow of the threads they appear in.
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