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Default Re: Pole Shift? ... Planet X Due?

Of late I've had a number of books on Atlantis come into my possession.
"When the sky fell : In search of Atlantis" is the book that I'm currently reading.

The book puts forward the theory of "earth crustal displacement" as the reason behind the fall of Atlantis. Under this theory, the poles did not shift... Rather, it was the Earths crust that shifted, violently thrusting Atlantis into the arctic circle to become the antarctica we know today. I'm not sure why, but, the more I think of it, the more it rings true.... (Funny thing is that it's the theory that used to attract the least credence among new-age circles) and I feel this is what we may face once again in the near future. A full pole-shift would be too disruptive (and possibly wipe our brains clean in the process)....

The good news is that we won't all die... In fact, there were areas (such as Australia) which suffered almost no changes from the displacement.

As for those that think nothing will occur - Why do you think this? Atlantis IS meant to be rediscovered so that we can learn from its' mistakes and its' triumphs. The only way this can really happen is by the ice on the continent melting, which can only really occur if the climate warms considerably (which is already happneing, but this current melting is only act one).

There's nothing to fear from earth changes such as these. If you let spirit move you to a safe place, you will be fine... It's only really those who are not in alignment with the one spirit (god) who have anything to fear. So why delay that which will be source of growth for all???

As for ashayana deane (sp?)..... I really like her early material (keylontic science and her first book "the sleeping abductees").... but the stuff I have read from her of late seems to say that it's too late for this planet - the only way to garantee survival is to use her technologies and courses (all costing big $$$) to switch yourself to the higher earth. It stinks of "I am holier than everyone else, everyone go through me or you're going to hell" stuff that I'd expect out of Christianity - with an ample serving of scientology-esque profiteering from said technologies to boot!

Sorry for the disjointedness of my post.... I don't have a hell of a long time to post and I'm trying to get across a lot of info....

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