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Default Re: Annunaki Nephilim SLAVE SPECIES of GOD ~ C2C 2/28/2006

I think that we need to look at this subject from all angles...and not just settle on the theory that we were created to be a slave race. I'm leaning toward the idea of genetic manipulation...rather than creation. What if males were created from a female genetic be a slave race? What if greys and reptilians were created to be super soldiers and guards? Think about my Hathor speculations. What if an apostolic succession of Hathor-like humans is at the center of all of this? Look for central themes and commonalities. The bottom line for me is to achieve a Sovereign Perfected Humanity Living in a Perfected Solar System...regardless of what our history really is. Watch out for demonic deception and manipulation. I know I'm paranoid...but just look at how horrible history really is.
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