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Default Re: Dreams that are not dreams...

Last year i experienced a very profound/vivid dream involving ET craft.The first one i saw was a delta shape about 1,000 feet in the air and i felt strangely disturbed by was dusk and clouds rolling in and i could see it very clearly between gaps in the clouds detailed visuals of it.Then a saucer shaped craft came in from the right handside in my dream and was huge i felt i had to run indoors with my family as it gave off ill intent.I cannot explain the emotions but very profound-it gave off an aura of knowing i was aware of them and hovered at an high altitiude; whilst i was indoors, me knowing that they knew i knew,if you get my reasoning?The crafts eventually receded/withdrew but the feeling i had was that of fear to be honest-i wish i didn't feel that emotion but it's what i felt.I wouldn't be alarmed one bit if there was at some point exposure of alien craft in the skies;i mean real full on uncloaked stuff in daylight,seen everywhere,it's just that this dream was vivid and alarming from the essence it emananted.Anyhow two nights ago i had a dream i was inside a metallic fitted disc,everything was steel like in appearance and i was walking around in circles looking out of the windows.I remember earth receding away quickly and then the windows became holographs of beautiful woodland settings as if to keep my thoughts on good,old mother Gaia and not where i was in space/dimension.I looked over to one side and saw a friend of mine who's alot older than me sixty six to be exact and he was slumped up against a metallic wall on a low lying flat bed,his chin resting on his chest like he was drunk,eyes shut.I was concerned about him and i felt that he was O.K. i then must have woke up-the dream came to me about an hour after being up and about,really strange and vivid.
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