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Default Dreams that are not dreams...

I started keeping a dream journal in 2005. It's a combination of past life dreams, regular dreams and dreams of change and catastrophe. The past life dreams and earth change dreams have a different 'feel' to they are information instead of ordinary dreams ...

Dec. 24, 2005 - Something exploded our moon. No more tides. Ocean currents have changed. The sun is becoming too hot. It shines white in a pale yellow sky. I see a small family in their home trying desperately to stay cool. They have an air conditioning window unit in one room and are sealing off this room from the rest of the house with visqueen plastic. Looking out the window, I see that the vegetation is dead.. yellowish brown. Seems like the sky and the earth are blurring together...dying.

Jan. 8, 2006 - I dreamed that I was out in space viewing the earth. I saw something coming from space and it collided with the earth. There didn't appear to be any damage like an asteroid would cause. What struck the earth looked like a giant blade. It made the earth tilt. (I'm sure the blade is symbolic) Now, I'm back on earth observing. When I looked west, I could see the giant blade on the horizon. I noticed that the sun was shining on my side of the blade..then the sun was gone. It was shining on the other side of the blade. I knew that the sun hadn't changed position, the earth had.

Sept. 13, 2006 - I dreamed I saw a lot of neighbors looking up at the sky. I looked up and saw a rolling/roiling lighted up cloud in the sky with a 'figure' inside of it. Everyone thought this was the Rapture and that the figure was Jesus. When I looked up again, the cloud scene was replaced by a lazar-type grid pattern of 'light'. I knew that the cloud and figure was a fake Rapture created by the true power of this earth.

I realize that this is quite long! If you were able to get this far, thanks for reading! I have a more recent dream which I will post later. I don't want anyone to burn out! hahaha!

Peace to you-
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