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Exclamation Dark Truth - An addition to Avalon and Camelot, Videos & Articles

I thought it could be worth mentioning , mirror site , as it contains additional news and updates, in form of frequently posted videos and articles, related to what Avalon and Camelot is all about, exposing the lies and putting forth Truth. If you want to dig deeper and see more, do check it out, as there might be something useful there that can give you further insights.

Also I encourage everyone to spread this to anyone they know, by email, word of mouth, posting on other sites and forums, and even voting on the site itself and the articles and videos mentioned there to make them rank high on popular news sites like , etc.

We are all here for the same purpose, let us work together and spread the truth as we can. I encourage everyone to check out this website and see the information presented there, and feel free to comment here or on the website itself.

If you think this work and the mentioned website is worthy mentioning and helping out, feel free to vote for it at Conspiracy Topsite at:

All help to spread the knowledge is greatly appreciated, and may you find something useful there!

To Truth, Freedom and deeper insights!

Blessings all, and love
-Edward Alexander
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