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Default My Past Life Regression experience

Peace and Love to you all,

I was attracted to this forum after watching Bill Ryan's recent video, and the only thing I can say is WOW, how his words spoke to me!!

I also read the past life reincarnation proof thread, and I thought I might share my most recent experience to shed some insight.

Just a quick background, I am a scientist, naturally inquisitive and skeptical. I started this journey many, many years ago. I grew up in a fairly religious home, and as I studied science more, and expanded my mind, I began seeking new answers, thus my interest in any possible afterlife. Thus I read Brian Weiss and Michael Newtons books many years ago among others. I had always through a 'past life' regression would be fun. Well, almost a year ago my brother took his own life after battling a life-long illness. It shook me to my core, so instead of seeking a 'past life regression' as something 'fun' to do, I needed to do it for answers.

I sought out the best regressionist I could find and made an appointment. As the day arrived I was nervous and wondered what the experience would be like, whether I would 'feel' it was real or my mind playing tricks on me. Well what happened has changed my life. I have absolutely no doubt that what I experienced was real. I have also gone back and validated my experience.

Into the regression experience.............I was taken into a deep state of relaxation, and quickly went through this present life. My regressionist, 'Carol' took me to a platform, and in front of me was a door representing my most immediate past life. It was a black door and she led me through it. I found myself as a young soldier in Vietnam. I was standing guard watching some Vietnamese women washing their clothes in a river. Across the river was thick jungle and I felt a strong sense of foreboding. I described it as a huge "moster' was awaiting us there. Carol asked me to describe my feelings, and I was angry at being drafted, and I did not want to be there, I was scared out of my wits. As the scene played out in my mind, like quick movie clips, we came under attack from across the river. I saw tracers flying everywhere and I ducked to find cover. I watched the women from the river run and find safety in the village. Fast-forwarding...... we drove off the attack. Carol asked me why I was shown this scene, what was important about it.

What happened next was what I was not prepared for, and why in the fiber of my being, I am 100% convinced that what I was experiencing was real. I began to sob. (just a note: I have not cried in months since my brothers passing). I felt tears stream down my face as Carol wiped them from my cheeks. She asked me why I was sad. I told her it was because I had felt so terrible about myself, so terrible at what I had done in that life, that war is so horrific, and I had not forgiven myself for who I was. My guide was showing me that in that fight I had saved those women by the river, and I did something good and not everything was so terrible.

Later I was led to my death scene, and I was in a foxhole with my best friend over there. We came under attack and I was killed in a bright flash. I felt myself lift out of my body and had a sense of relief. I looked around the area saw myself slumped over and then my attention shifted to my friend, who I saw also had been killed. I started to sob again!! Seeing him on his back, eyes wide open, mouth agape was too much for me to take. I felt so sorry that he had died. I did not care about my own death, but to see my friend dead, I felt that I had failed him and let him die too!!

I lifted out of my body over the field of battle. I did not linger, as I did not care about the outcome. I saw myself surrounded by stars and a tugging at my waist. I saw a greyish-white light envelope me as I looked back at earth (I did not see a tunnel per se). As I turned I was greeted by my guide in the brightest white suit I have ever seen. Smiling behind my guide was my friend who had just died with me. I started to sob once again. He felt my sadness and told me (telepathically) that it was ok, it was meant to happen that way. He then faded to sight after I felt better.

I then entered the spirit world with my guide.....................

My experience continued and I recalled many lives and found the answers I needed regarding my brother. I have since done one more regression, and it was just as astounding, and I have found many of the answers to lingering questions I have had my entire life.

Why I feel this experience was "real" was because of the incredible emotion I felt. I did not expect to feel such terror, sadness, laughter and joy. During the experience I could see incredible brightness (later I put a flashlight to my eyes as they were closed, and it wasnt even close to the brightness I saw). Many of my instincts I have had were validated. I have checked many of the facts since, being the scientist I am, and many of the lifetimes/historical accounts I described were validated.

I have done a lot of reading as well since my regression and this account almost described exactly what I experienced, and written by Bob Olson

I do not fear death. I have experienced it, and it is not to be feared but welcomed. I do NOT want to die as I have many things yet to accomplish in this lifetime, but I know I will one day reunite with my brother and with the others who have played such an incredible part in my life.

Do not despair, as many of you know, we are absolutely incredible beings and we have purpose!!
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