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Default Re: Can someone Identify these symbols?

Originally Posted by Kukulcanessa View Post
WHAT DID YOU MEAN kelle when you said member of avalon woke up hearing music

and to this:

that was the closest answer i have had. good researching job orion11
The music heard -It came to my attention that something of synchronized effect MAY have resulted from the symbol correction or reversal. The day after all was well with me again, I spotted a thread that for some reason felt linked to this event. Please forgive if this is assumptive for any of you as I mean to be at balance with what is truth.

I am sensing that this needed to happen and it was handled collectively -not merely by me or me and the female shaman I spoke of. I will leave it up to you to decide on this. The Thread is around the twenty mark and backwards. There were a number of people that discovered themselves waking up around 3 to 3:30 am to which someone explained was known to be the witching hour when Illuminati members did ritual. also according to svali's testimony in the pc interviews, this is well known and practiced by them everywhere.

Someone, can you find the thread? or does it matter.

i noticed my own power to be protected was above the normal range so i invite you to test out your ability to receive them only with the guidance of directing your intent to usurp the power of will from love back at its origins within each of you. go ahead. it works. let me know if you need assist.

Also, go read my testimony regards the ships that were scheduled to arrive today. For many today marks the beginning of an anomaly of preparation. no lie here. preparation for the first wave of us to get our power back. power to will the love that is yet missing. the end, the light will again devour the dark (light) was misused! get it? peace and love to all

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