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Default Re: Pole Shift? ... Planet X Due?

Originally Posted by Stardustaquarion View Post
Hey mate I fully understand how you feel, I felt exactly the same at the begining and went for the free material, there are tons of stuff in their website

After a while studiying the material I realized that it was for me and made the leap of faith which later on became knowing

All the initial material which will take anyone about a year to go through is free plus there is a Keylontic Science group with a wealth of information too that is free and the Keylontic dictionary that it is free too, they also have a scholarship program for people that are broke and, as if this is not enough, there is an outreach program where you can get to see the videos of the lecture and you only have to pay for the proportional part of the hire of the room. The facilitators charges nothing!

So if you are really interested, money is not a problem

Now with regard as life after Earth, you can stay here mate but it takes no much observation to see that the planet is dieing and the sun too. Pitty but true, still Asha says that all going well, Earth will not pop for at least 200 years that will se you thru surely, and it maybe longer if the Illuminati defectors get their act together and learn how to manage energy and resources

I say that considering all that has gone on, its excellent news

We are in for a rocky ride though

Love to all

Where is the proof that Earth and the sun are dying? If you were to say that in 200 years Earth will no longer support 3D lifeforms I might believe you (but by then we will have evolved beyond 3d existence anyway), but I don't see how the sun is even close to dying just yet. I'd say it's got many thousands of years left in it.

I think Ashayana's keylontic science has a lot of truth in it... but the rest of her material seems to be mostly fearmongering to me. We have nothing to fear except fear itself...

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