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Cool bedfordshire/londoners? greetings :)

i've read in quite a few threads that there might be quite a few people from my neck of the woods. i'd be most interested to know who you are and where your @ just out of interest. i know a few like-minded people in the area too.

i like to think of myself as closely connected to london, given i recently graduated from a UoL college, various cultural ties and it's only a short train ride away.

me - i'm matt, 23, fully awake and love to disseminare all kinds of information. because of my degree i am heavily into deconstructing media/visual art and engaging with the philosophical aspects of various representations/ideas.

especially interested in the david icke branch of 'conspiracies'. interests/hobbies include reading on the internet (not surprising), videogames, dance, funk, hip-hop. i'm like a little kid and a rigorous, mature intellectual adult at the same time. i like to take everything i do to the highest possible level.

strangely but maybe not so strangely, my current and ongoing battle with obscure, chronic illness has been a massive eye opener in terms of conspiracies and the truth that is out there.

please reply or contact me if you are compelled to do so

peace to all!
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