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Default Re: Destruction is required.

Generation Order Dissolution ---- God.
Seems we need that cycle at least up until this time.

Eckart Tolle in "The Power of Now" speaks of increasing madness.
He also says that relationships are not there to make you happy at this time but to dissolve the ego. Much has been said about Transcending the Ego else where so I wont go into that here.
If you honestly look at what has been happening here on this forum you will see that there has been much over reaction between people. Only the ego can be hurt.

I believe that we are coming to a time when the ego will be redundant.
Let go before it is taken from you.
Human beings are an evolutionary animal.
We only use 10% of our brain, so, whats the rest for?
Look how far we have come, we are originally from the sea, look how much salt water is in our body.
All is well.
Just relax
Friction happens when you put on the brakes.
Consciousness know best just be the change we are looking for.

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