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Default Re: Destruction is required.

I've been keeping 'quiet' for a while, having a variety of thoughts and emotions about what I'm seeing happen between people who I thought were mature adults. I think the title of this thread 'Destruction is required' is sadly apt.

As humans are we programmed to need something that will shock us into sanity? PA has become a seemingly endless stream of threads full of bruised egos, spite and petty squabbling. It's like watching a family I was learning to love break up, so many kindred spirits forgetting in blind moments of madness that we are all one, that what we do unto others we do to ourselves.

I KNOW we are ALL capable of MUCH higher energy sharing than this, for it was this that drew me to PA in the first place.

Perhaps TJ3 is right and this is all part of the process of creating order out of chaos.

This thread has been a breath of fresh air to read, people discussing like mature adults. I'm tired of the negative threads, maybe that is part of some Machiavellian plan? Who knows? Whatever!

I choose, as exemplified in the posts here, to strive to be the change I want to see. Thank you Mudra for your stability and sanity and humor. Thank you for popping back here to remind us of what we lose when we engage with this destructive spiral.

All things must pass (bless you George!) and we each have a role in how we choose to farewell what was a brave and noble experiment.

We can stand on the deck of the sinking ship and trade insults and punches and go down with the ship. Or we can help each other get into the life rafts to find a safe place to continue this experiment, using the lessons learned, in Avalon 2.

Blessings to all,

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