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Default Destruction is required.

Yes, that may be the most "negative" sounding thread title ever.
I wanted to catch your eye.

...however, it may contain 'truth'.

Given my lessons thus far, I can't help but arrive at that point...the point where I have to ask "why?"...why are we here?
Yes...I've asked before...and received many answers, all suitable at the time.

My most recent revelation is this:
Without destruction there can be no repair...without fear, there can be no comfort. We rely on these 'opposites'...and continue to insist on creating them.

Look at our history...we crave dichotomy...even "live" for it.
Physical existence requires judgment...a 'luxury' our spirit can not know...until it "lives".

To live in human form and experience true harmony requires both a choice and a judgment (which is which)

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